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Hello Everyone!

Laser show software projects is getting attention of more and more software and hardware enthusiast with more or less experience.

I am very happy to start this project that originated years ago when I became fascinated with laser projectors used mainly for entertainment purpose and providing fun not only in closed bedroom or basement, but also in open environment like clubs and private houses.

Black light and laser with fog and haze truly improve disco and party experience.  If you still did not attend laser show or party, definitely be my guest and let us make a party, no matter what occasion!

I see that this project could help a lot of us.  There is a room for a project manager who will lead administrative part, a web developer who will document our work on the web, programmers who will do programming, hardware and embedded gurus who may provide expert opinions how to access microprocessors and changed the code there, and we need one to look after code revisions and have access to github-like repository.  Since more people will be taking part in this project, we definitely need someone with experience to lead us and advice what and how to do things.

There is many decisions to be made and I welcome your input.

The main goal as of now is to work with my existing hardware that is absolutely necessary to advance with software development.

Later on, we could expand and get involved with other hardware, but truly we have to own it or have access when need it.

As I said, I would like to use this laser projector in public not only on my desk.  So, at the end of all lab tests, I want to be able to take with me laser and haze box to perform full scale laser show.

I mentioned haze or fog box because laser show without haze or fog does not make sense.  Only if you see beams in 3D then you fully appreciate what is laser show about.  Having beams display on a flat surface on the wall or ceiling is ok, but not enough.  It is like having Ferrari in your garage only, right?

Now you get a picture why having access to laser box in a real time is important.  Bringing pc to the venue is not very practical.  Having laptop sounds better.  But, being able to control laser, at least in minimal sense, using android cellphone, it would be the ultimate goal.

I have to add that I already have working professional class laser control software.  It works beautifully with my hardware, so we know that project can be done.  The reason why I want another software is simple: I truly like to learn programing and and I like to have a software that I can control and modify the way I like.
There is a lot of functions to add to existing software. For instance, playing laser to the sound, life music or files.

The first step would be analyzing my hardware.  I need someone to examine hardware and tell us how it communicates with computer.

Now, speaking about computer.  Do we start programing in windows or other system.  I think this depends from you my friends.  There will be many of you who prefer windows and some of you may prefer linux.
There will other working on Android and iOS.  That is all fine.

Personally, I would like to take part in programing as well.  I did C in UNIX for a few years back in 1995.  So, if someone would help with C, it would great.  I already heard suggestions about C# and .Net environment and programing in linux too.  Yet, I dont wan to slow down core programmers with their work.

From programing point of view, all of them make some sense.  It is just from my point of view important how at the end, I will be able to use this software.  I have windows xp pc and I can install linux or use VMware with linux.  I have laptops with windows xp and 8.1 touch screen.  And I have android samsung galaxy III cellphone.  It would make sense to me to make software that for sure will work on these devices. 

Doing software for mac system or iPhone would present a challenge for me because I do not own this hardware.  It does not mean that at some point we could not make software compatible with them, sure we could.

I think the final decision will be made by each of you, I just want this project to move ahead first in a lab steps - make it working and after we could make more advanced versions.

Non-GUI, text version is good for the beginning. But if there is one who could make GUI and transfer functionality as it is developed, it will be even greater.  It all depends how many of you will come forward and co-operate with each other on more-less regular basis.

This could easily be serious commercial product, since there is not many of them on the market.
As touch screen technology is becoming more available, we could make program designed for touch functions that opens a lot of new possibilities.


Kristof Urban

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